Welcome to The Eggceptional Donor Group

Eggceptional Donor GroupThe Eggceptional Donor Group, LLC is an egg donation agency that guides intended parents and egg donors through the process of donation from start to finish.

Our company was founded on the goal of helping create families. We have established an outstanding group of donors from all ethnicities. Our donors are truly special young women that exemplify both the physical and character traits any couple wishing to have a child would want. Just one look at our database and you’ll see what we mean.

The Eggceptional Donor Group understands that the overall health and well being of our donors is key to a successful donation. Each of our donors goes through an extensive screening process that continues throughout the donation cycle. This ensures a smooth and efficient donation and provides the intended parents with the comfort and security to move forward.

Health and well being of our donors is key to a successful donation

We take the time to inform every donor and are always available to answer any questions which may arise. You can rest assured that when choosing the Eggceptional Donor Group, you are in the best of hands.

Our team of committed and qualified staff is here to provide guidance and support through this life changing process. Please contact us with any questions you have and to view our truly inspiring array of donors. Miracles are waiting!