About Eggceptional Donor Group

The Eggceptional Donor Group was founded on the goal of helping couples create families. We have established an outstanding group of accomplished donors from all ethnicities and a team of committed and qualified staff that is here to provide guidance and support to both our recipients and our donors. Our donors receive the same level of care and support that our intended parents receive and are valued for their generous contribution.

Jennifer Ingle

Jennifer Ingle has been helping intended parents realize their dreams of parenthood since 2003. She first served as an egg donor before opening The Eggceptional Donor Group in 2008. Jennifer holds a B.A. in Communications and volunteers with child advocacy organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Women and Children’s Family Crisis Center. She is responsible for recruiting and interviewing the outstanding donors you see within the Eggceptional Donors Database, as well as working with intended parents to find the donor that best fits their needs. “I have the most rewarding job in the world!”

There is nothing better than getting the calls and photos from intended parents that they are finally pregnant, knowing that I helped in making that possible is incredibly gratifying.